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ApritiModa opens to the public Milan’s most secret and wonderful places, the ateliers where fashion is created. The fashion houses are known as the core of Italian economy and the peak of the country’s creativity, but the centres of their activities and businesses are often unknown, inaccessible places.

Behind the doors of marvellous buildings, magical courtyards and renovated or centuries-old factories, genius, culture and artisanal savoir faire become an artefact which we tend to only know as a product, as its final material outcome – ApritiModa unveils its behind-the-scenes, the places where this exceptional craftsmanship process originates.

Discovering the places where fashion is created is an extraordinary experience, a journey of beauty discovery, a path through the Italian genius that establishes a direct dialogue between who creates fashion and who lives the city.

Fifteen places to discover, fifteen unmissable experiences, fifteen thrilling opportunities to get to know Italian fashion – knowledge means appreciation and love, and involving the public in such initiative means priding ourselves on the excellence of Made in Italy.